How to setup mail for Android Devices

  1. Go to setup, Email, Account setup, Add new account
  2. Then enter the information as asked – keep in mind that all systems are not the same, there may be some slight differences in how things are labeled.
  3. Incoming server settings:
    1. Email address: your FULL email address:
    2. Password: enter your password
    3. If given the choice - choose manual setup
    4. Account type: I recommend IMAP as your account type
    5. Username: Your FULL email address:
    6. Password: your password
    7. Imap server:
    8. Security type: None
    9. Port: 143
    10. IMAP path prefix: - Optional or none
  4. Outgoing server settings:
    1. SMTP server:
    2. Security type: None
    3. Port: 2525
    4. Somewhere at this point there is the option to check “Require sign-in” or “Require Authorization”
      1. Check the appropriate box and if asked enter your FULL EMAIL – and your Password.
    5. That should complete the major setup options. Some things that may come after that are the inbox checking frequency. We recommend NO SOONER than every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes is preferred. Any sooner than that and you may be locked out.



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